Welcome to Willowcross

Welcome friends and visitors to our new blog designed to hopefully keep you up to date on all the news and latest happenings at Willowcross. Our blog is still in the making — so check back often for new posts and updates.    Hopefully we will have exciting news shortly regarding our beautiful girl Bella and […]


We have two litters, small litters but beautiful babies:  Willow had two babies that we call “The Jack and Jill Litter”.  As you might imagine, we have one very big boy whom we call Apple Jack and one big little gorgeous Princess, who we call Jilly Sunshine.  They are one month old today.  One month, […]

Lily's Babies

Lily had her final litter Sept. 12th, 2017.  She had four beautiful big babies, two little Princes and two little Princesses.  She is such a wonderful mama to these babies as she has been with all of her babies. We retired Szava when she had her last litter last Summer.  I can see that Szava […]


Willow had her babies Sept. 5th, 2017.  We bred Willow (Willowcross Fantasy on Fire and Ice) with Cooper (Dreamkeepers King of Hearts).  I sincerely doubt if we ever do another “implant” which we did with Willow because it was her first litter.  She weighed barely 60 lbs and Cooper, beautiful boy that he is weighed […]


It’s always busy here at Willowcross…..busy but fun and inspiring.  Zoey had her first litter in January and they were furry little, well not so little bundles of love.  They have wonderful and loving forever families.  Sadie, who will be a year old on July 4th, just went into her first heat cycle.  This girl […]

What’s coming for Willowcross in 2017?

I need to apologize for not keeping you updated.  A few reasons including: a hospital stay (for me) and instructions to follow from the Dr.  I am doing much better and getting fortified for the rest of the year. Willow (daughter of Lily and Augie) will be coming into her third heat cycle soon and […]

Week 2

The babies were two weeks old this past Tuesday.  A few new accomplishments this week.  First eyes opened plus they are more mobile.  Mr. Green escaped from the whelping box and promptly let out a blood curdling howl.  Believe me nothing gets you out of bed so quick (especially when they sleep in your bedroom) […]


We are starting off 2017 with a bang!  Zoey “Willowcross Rhapsody in Blue” and Cooper “Dreamkeepers King of Hearts” are having their very first litter.  Zoey is one of our very own girls born here at Willowcross.  She is the daughter of Szava “Blue Dancing Girl of Golden Duck” and Augie “Augustine of Bella Gold”. […]