What’s coming for Willowcross in 2017?

I need to apologize for not keeping you updated.  A few reasons including: a hospital stay (for me) and instructions to follow from the Dr.  I am doing much better and getting fortified for the rest of the year.

Willow (daughter of Lily and Augie) will be coming into her third heat cycle soon and will be bred to Cooper (Dreamkeeper King of Hearts).  Willow is a stunning girl who is a perfect combination of her mama and her daddy.  Cooper, what a knockout he is.  He sets all the girls hearts aflutter.  We also plan on breeding Lily and Annie later this summer.  We are also planning on breeding Izzy (Annie x Augie’s little girl)  She had some beautiful puppies last year and was a wonderful mama.  Annie will be bred to Augie and Lily with either Augie or Cooper.  It all depends if those girls decide to peak (hormonally) the same day.  Augie is a studly fellow but really??????

We have some new faces to add to our family faces.  We have Milo, Haddie, Sadie and Tobias.  Pictures will be forthcoming.  Trust me when I tell you we have some beautiful, both outside and heart wise new fur kids.

Stay tuned…….

Bob and Nancy

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