Willow had her babies Sept. 5th, 2017.  We bred Willow (Willowcross Fantasy on Fire and Ice) with Cooper (Dreamkeepers King of Hearts).  I sincerely doubt if we ever do another “implant” which we did with Willow because it was her first litter.  She weighed barely 60 lbs and Cooper, beautiful boy that he is weighed in at 90+.  If the progesterone numbers aren’t exactly where they should be you either don’t get puppies or get few.  We just got two.  A little boy (not so little) and a little girl (not so little).  They are beautiful and she is a wonderful mama to these babies.

Every litter I learn something new and hopefully it will make me a better breeder.  That’s what I pray, that The Lord will help me be the breeder I want and need to be for my families.

My biggest problem is that I have absolutely wonderful, amazing families and not enough babies.  I am a breeder that loves it when I am able to complete a family with a beautiful, healthy puppy.  We also have another litter that I will discuss in a few minutes on her own blog.

Our next litters will be Annie, Sadie and Zoey.  Three litters lots of  pitter patter of little paws and pure Heaven.

Ruff, ruff,

Nancy and Bob


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