Welcome to Willowcross

Welcome friends and visitors to our new blog designed to hopefully keep you up to date on all the news and latest happenings at Willowcross.

Our blog is still in the making — so check back often for new posts and updates.    Hopefully we will have exciting news shortly regarding our beautiful girl Bella and the outcome of her romantic rendezvous with the dog-love of her life – our own handsome and dashing Augie.   We are anticipating that Bella is in whelp and will have more details soon !!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Willowcross

  1. We are one of the families who will be adopting a puppy from Willowcross and we are beyond excited. Nancy has been incredible through this process with sharing valuable information regarding caring for the puppy and the best part of all sending the most adorable pictures of her golden clan! Our son, Ryan, is actually the one who researched these dogs and fell in love with the breed.

    Needless-to-say, we most anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet lil pup!! By the way, Ryan has his name picked out, “O’Malley” for a male or “Riley or Clover” for a girl.

    Mary T from Oregon

  2. Oh Mary,

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments. You and your entire family have been a blessing to work with. I cannot wait until Bella’s puppies are born. They are going to be incredible. I would love to be able to hand over Ryan’s puppy personally to see his expression. You’ll have to take lots of pictures for me.

    Much Love and Merry Christmas,

  3. From the very beginning when we first contacted Nancy on puppy availability, we knew we found the perfect breeder! Her expertise and knowledge of the the English Cream Golden Retriever was simply amazing. What sets her apart from other breeders that we had previously contacted is simply that she didn’t treat this has a business only. In fact, when the puppies were born, she had a place set up in her home so everyone in the family could be involved. It was so obvious when the day finally came when we received our beloved O’Malley. His love for people came naturally and abdundantly!

    If you have come to this website for possible puppy companionship, you need not look any further. Nancy and Bob’s genuine love for the breed is quite apparent. They did an excellent job from the beginning to the delivery of O’Malley. Feel free to contact me at my above-mentioned email address should you have any more questions.


    The Tejcka Family

  4. Beautiful Litters. I live in Tampa Florida. Our 14 year old Golden just passed away about a year ago. We are considering purchasing another. Out last Golden (Cuervos Gold) was actually purchased in a small pet store in Ft. Lauderdal. I think we ended up being extreemly lucky. HE came from a AKC breader and had all his paperwork but I haven’t been able to find it. We were not interested in a show dog or field dog , just one for the family. He turned out to be one in a million. He was a large golden, light tan, large head, excellent health and weighed in at 85 lbs when he was extreemly lean. Everyone we met in that 14 year period said that he was the most beautiful Golden they had ever seen. I am just curious what a pup of your calliber would cost. Please send info to


    Dave Drawdy

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