Lily's Babies

Lily had her final litter Sept. 12th, 2017.  She had four beautiful big babies, two little Princes and two little Princesses.  She is such a wonderful mama to these babies as she has been with all of her babies. We retired Szava when she had her last litter last Summer.  I can see that Szava is a bit depressed that she can’t come and help take care of these babies.  I hope that Lily won’t be as confused as Szava when the next litters come. By that time I will use both of them when the puppies go into their play areas.  Szava enjoys nothing more than playing with the puppies and when they get a bit bigger she will.  I debated on breeding Annie this time and thought that maybe three litters might be a bit much for me.  This is what happens, I have two litters and six puppies.  Now just watch, next time I am breeding Sadie, Zoey and Annie (for the last time) and I will end up with 27 puppies.  Hindsight is 100%, lol.

Again, I have so many amazing families waiting for my babies and I hate, just hate having them wait until the next litter.  There are two ways to look at this. 1. Thank God I have amazing forever families. 2. I don’t want to disappoint anyone ever….but I learn that as much in control as I would love to be….I’m not in control at all.

God Bless all of you,

Nancy and Bob


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