We have two litters, small litters but beautiful babies:  Willow had two babies that we call “The Jack and Jill Litter”.  As you might imagine, we have one very big boy whom we call Apple Jack and one big little gorgeous Princess, who we call Jilly Sunshine.  They are one month old today.  One month, how quickly time goes by.  We are halfway through their time with us before they go to their wonderful forever families.

Our second litter is Lily’s last litter.  She had two beautiful boys and two beautiful girls.  We had more wonderful forever families for our babies than we had babies.  Lily’s babies are three weeks old today.  Both of these mommies are such loving momma’s.  The only problem is that we have to watch that they don’t love too much.  Willow is perfectly happy just loving, nursing and licking them.  While Jack is a mama’s boy, Jilly just loves eating and sleeping.  She is one very, very laid back girl and we have the perfect home for her.  All they will have to do is keep her busy, lol.

I love puppies breath and kisses….is there anything better?

Many hugs,

Bob and Nancy


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