It’s always busy here at Willowcross…..busy but fun and inspiring.  Zoey had her first litter in January and they were furry little, well not so little bundles of love.  They have wonderful and loving forever families.  Sadie, who will be a year old on July 4th, just went into her first heat cycle.  This girl is patriotic.  She was born on the 4th of July and started her first heat cycle on Flag Day.   Of course we won’t breed our Sadie because (a) she’s too young (b) she hasn’t had her hips, elbows, heart and eyes checked as yet.

Willow started with a little stain on the laundry room floor on Monday afternoon.  She will go in the morning for her first progesterone testing.  Plans are to breed her with Cooper (Dreamkeeper King of Hearts).  This litter will be called  “The Fantasy Litter”.  Willow is such  a gorgeous girl.  She has a temperament to match.  I guess you could say that she’s a “love sponge”.  Since Cooper is the same way, we are going to have some amazing babies.   I would think that we will have babies (God willing) the first or second week in September.  If you figure eight weeks after birth….that would make babies available to go to their Forever Families sometime in November.

If you might be interested in becoming a loving part of The Willowcross Family….email Nancy at   nancyanneziegler@gmail.com or phone (479) 927-1612

Ruff, ruff,

Nancy and Bob

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