Week 2

The babies were two weeks old this past Tuesday.  A few new accomplishments this week.  First eyes opened plus they are more mobile.  Mr. Green escaped from the whelping box and promptly let out a blood curdling howl.  Believe me nothing gets you out of bed so quick (especially when they sleep in your bedroom) as when you hear a baby let out one of those howls.  I think he is going to be a challenge.  Escaping the whelping box is an accomplishment when you are barely two weeks old.

Zoey is such a good mama and Cooper, who really wanted to check on those babies, opened the gate, came in and sniffed them (and Zoey).  He was happy and went to chew a bone.

I am going to try to add a Smilebox.  Wish me luck.

Stay tuned,

Nancy and Bob


“The Rhapsody Litter” Week 2

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