Wishing and waiting:

Willowcross, along with Bob and Nancy have been extremely busy. Annie and Augie’s puppies went to their wonderful forever families. All are happy and are loving being with their new families.

One thing that you can always expect when you are in this profession is that at some point you will need to expect the unexpected. That happened with us regarding Merci’ and Cooper. For some reason, Merci’ was not pregnant. Does that mean she will never get pregnant? No, these things happen sometimes, although until now, never us. So, we will wait until the time is just right for her and we will begin again.
We do have exciting plans tho. We are pairing our most lovely Lily “Wisteria’s Promise of Hope” and our very dapper Cooper”Dreamkeeper King of Hearts”. Lily and Szava should be coming into heat anytime. We also will be letting our beautiful Szava “Blue Dancing Girl of Golden Duck” and our very handsome and popular Augie “Augustine of Bella Gold” wine and dine. This will mean another exciting late Fall for Willowcross. Hopefully we should have two litters. Lily and Cooper’s will be called “The Dream Litter”. Szava and Augie’s “The Diamond Litter”. Stay tuned, it’s going to be an exciting end to our year. Plans are being made for our 2014 year with maybe a few changes in store.

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