The first part of our wait is finished. Three of our girls, Szava, Lily and Merci’ will be having puppies the first week of March. Is it going to be really busy around here? Yes. Are we estatic? Yes.

We would have never chosen to have three litters at once. Lily and Szava were three months late coming into heat. Three, long, long, frustrating months (for me). My family would ask me what I wanted for Christmas. My answer was always the same. I just wanted to have my girls come into heat for Christmas. I really have to be specific when I pray. I only meant for Szava and Lily to come into heat….not four of them at once. Two days before Christmas Lily and Szava came in. One day before Christmas Merci’ came in and to finish it up, on Christmas Day Annie came in. Just think about that, four girls in heat at Christmas time and two whining boys.

Szava and Augie will be repeating “The Dance Litter” but this time it will be “The Diamond Litter”. Lily and Cooper will be having “The Dream Litter” and Merci’ and Cooper will be having “The Designer Litter”.

We only have a very few spaces left for Forever Families. If you are interested please contact Nancy via our website email.

Ruff, ruff,

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