What a beautiful, beautiful group of babies we have. Lily (Wisteria’s Promise of Hope” and Augie “Augustine of Bella Gold” welcomed nine little bundles of joy as of August 5th. We have five very handsome boys and four precious little princesses. Three of those little princesses are just as mellow as you can get and then we have Princess Boss. She just at two days old has personality plus. These are beautiful little ones.

God has such a wonderful way of creating these little ones. Even right after birth….well after you’ve cleaned them up a bit…you have some that are already showing some clues as to their personality. Sometimes that changes and sometimes not so much. These little ones are already crawling and moving around. I am constantly counting and making sure one of them hasn’t crawled so far under mama that she might lie on them. Lily is a wonderful mama. She doesn’t want to leave them until she absolutely has to go potty. Then she cries a bit so you come and get them so she doesn’t step on them.

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