There will be another blog coming probably later this week.  Reason?  Annie & Augie’s puppies are due. According to our Vet. she is due June 1st. I’m thinking more like May 30th.  Tuesday (May 28th) we have her x-ray done and check and get a good idea on how many babies we have.  Augie stays by her side, licking her ears and just being a good “dad in waiting”.  As soon as we have puppies you will know.  The ultrasound showed that she was, according to her Vet “full of puppies”.  We will see just how full she is on Tuesday.  

Merci’ has been a wonderful addition to the Willowcross Family.  She is our little princess, literally, she was only 60 pounds when she arrived from Slovokia.  She has gained a couple of pounds since she arrived.  She is so dainty that to described her, using dance terms, she’s a ballerina.  She will be coming into season sometime in July and she will be wined and dined by our own Cooper (Dreamkeeper King of Hearts).  As soon as I can get caught up on my website you will see just how lovely she is.  She’s also funny in that she likes to sit on Cooper’s head.  Cooper being Cooper, could care less.  Everything is always just wonderful in Cooper’s world.  

We are pretty much ready for Annie & Augie’s babies “The Dessert Litter”.  Can’t wait to meet them, snuggle and cuddle them.  As always, nothing better than puppy breath.

As always, 

Nancy & Bob

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