This is a new and exciting bonus for Willowcross.  One of our lovely girls, Isabella ” Willowcross Rasberry Ripple” Izzy for short is being bred for the first time.  Izzy is co-owed with our son and daughter-in-law. Michael and Eleshia Ziegler.  Izzy has all of her clearances and is in the process of getting her progesterone blood draw this AM.  The daddy of these babies will be our precious Sir William of Council House.  These puppies should be due the middle of January and will be spectacular.  

Reservations are now open for “The Joy Litter”.  Please contact Nancy at Willowcross for more information.

Our plans are going to be exciting for the upcoming year.  Annie and Szava will be coming into heat (God willing) Dec. or Jan.  Both will be bred with Augustine of Bella Gold.  Later this year we also will be breeding Zoey “Willowcross Raphsody in Blue” with our Lewis “Bonett Bride Last Resort”.  

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, we all have so much to be thankful for,

Nancy, Bob, Augie, Bella, Cooper, Lily, Lewis, Annie, Szava, Zoey and Willow

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