Willowcross Goldens

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Most of our family and grandchildren were here for Thanksgiving Dinner. We loved every minute of it. Yesterday was a muddy one with Augie and Bella actually doing pretty well with staying out of the mud. Lily and Cooper, now that’s another story. The muddier they can get, the happier they are. Bella has been having a little morning sickness. Augie is very protective of her and how she’s feeling. It’s really adorable. He waits for her to eat. Sniffs her when she lays down. If she wants his toy, he gives it to her willingly. He’s always been a gentle giant and now he’s even more careful of his girl. They still play, but he’s just more gentle with her. I can’t help but believe when these puppies are born that they will have a special sweetness about them, not only because Augie is an amazing representative of his breed. His heart absolutely longs to please. Whether it be please us or please Bella. His greatest joy is being at the side of those he loves. Bella is also a beautiful, gentle, intuitive girl. She’s very intelligent and inquisitive at every opportunity. We are going to our Vet. next week for our Ultrasound. We are very excited.

Cooper and Lily, two future stars with Willowcross, are growing and having a wonderful time doing exactly what Goldens do. Love you, have fun, play, play and play some more. These two seem to maybe be a little more electronically prone. One or both just love to find the remotes or the portable phones. If they are inside, one of them have something they shouldn’t. Once you stop laughing, it’s time to retrieve, us being on the retrieving end if we need the phone or the remote.

Just a little personal tidbit from me (Nancy). This year has been one of learning. For about five years I’ve had a goal, to raise and breed English Creme Retrievers. I was very careful in selecting the most special Goldens that I could find. We love our four legged family members. We are now at a point where we are expecting some amazing puppies. Without some very special family and friends along the way, this would never have happened. My parents, Norman and Irene, Bob, our sons, and one friend that The Lord has brought into my life, Christina. I love you all. Thank you for loving and supporting me.

Now we are marching into the Christmas season. We are going to be getting our picture taken with Bella, Augie, Lily and Cooper. This should be a snap to get pictures taken with all of them staying in one spot long enough to get the job done.

Until next time. Merry Christmas, Bob and Nancy Ziegler

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  1. Congratulations Nancy on your first official BLOG post !! The first of many to come I hope ! and Congrats also on the beautiful family of goldens that you have adopted and raised and the love and care that you pour into each of them. Best wishes for your puppy plans with Bella. I think these puppies will be amazing – not just because they have amazing parents – but because you will also be giving them everything they need for the best possible start in life. Happy Thanksgiving and all the best for the weeks that lay ahead – and especially for the Holiday Season –
    Hugs to all –

    • Thank you Christina. You have been a dear and true friend to me. I appreciate all that you have done and who you are. I admire, respect and aspire to be the type of breeder that you are. Cooper is doing fantastic. More pictures soon.

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