Update on Bella

We had a little scare with Bella yesterday. Her temperature was 99.4, which can indicate that the puppies are coming soon. This morning however, her temperature was back to 100.4. Today is day 56. Puppies usually come between 57-63 days. We want her to wait about another 6-7 days if possible. It’s going to be an interesting week. Augie is depressed because he misses his girl. We have to keep them apart now because as gentle as he’s been, he wants his “fun gal” back. She’s just not feeling so “fun” right now. Today,Alex and Nathan are coming over and taking Augie out on a hike and run. It will get his mind off of Bella (I hope). Cooper and Lily are just as frisky and playful as ever. They are just enjoying being goldens. What beautiful goldens they are.
Until Bella’s puppies arrive, I’m just going to give you a day by day update on how things are progressing and how she’s doing. Right now she’s sleeping and listening to the “Music to relax to for doggies”. No kidding I got her that tape, it makes me relax also.
Til tomorrow everyone. Remember to keep Christ in Christmas, because He is Christmas.

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