We are so happy to announce the wait is over for:  The Diamond Litter featuring our Szava”Blue Dancing Girl of Golden Duck: and Augie “Augustine of Bella Gold,  The Dream Litter with Lily”Wisteria’s Promise of Hope” and Cooper “Dreamkeeper King of Hearts” and last but not least The Designer Litter with Merci’ “Evidog Merci'” and Cooper “Dreamkeeper King of Hearts”.  Szava and Augie had 7 little princes and 3 precious princesses.  Lily and Cooper did a reverse with 7 little adorable princesses and 2 princes.  Last but not least, Merci’ and Cooper had one little king.  Well, he’s not so little, he was huge and beautiful.  We will soon be doing our Smileboxes so everyone can see these little angels.  We feel so blessed with such wonderful fur kids and fur babies.

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