The Next Chapter

This has been a very exciting time for Willowcross. We have a new addition to our exquisite golden family. Her name is “Babelsbergi Just Desserts”. She is from a dear friend and excellent breeder in Hungary. We look forward to working with Bea our wonderful friend throughout out our coming years. We have given her the name “Annie”. Annie is out of Championship parents. Her pedigree has Dewmist Lines, Zampanger, Asbury Angel Heart is her grandfather as he also is Cooper’s grandfather. That does mean that in the future Cooper will NOT be courting our little Annie. More to follow on Annie in the future blogs.

Some very exciting news: Augie has been wining and dining Szava as of a few weeks ago. We believe that Szava is pregnant and will be finding out for sure around the August 20th when we can get her ultrasound. I am excited about the combination of Augie and Szava because they are sure to have some stellar puppies.

More in a couple of weeks on the new developments with Willowcross Goldens.
Later now,

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