“The Dessert Litter” Beautiful, Busy and Changing every day.

As you can see, I posted a Smilebox for “The Dessert Litter” One Week, on Sunday.  That being said, these little babies are changing every single day.  I love how daily there is something different about them.  They get more precious daily.  We have wonderful forever family homes that can’t wait until that magical eighth week when their babies will come home.  One of our forever families is having to wait until our next litter due to some unforeseen family issues, so we do have one female available for adoption.  I don’t know which one yet because the personalities are still changing.  Usually the boys are the most laid back, even at this age, we have girls tho that are just as laid back, if not more so, than their brothers.  See, always something going on.  We love it!

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