The Christmas Season……and On To Our Next Chapter…..

The Dance Litter, now very happily a part of their forever families. It makes my heart feel warm to know that these babies now have their own families and I can see how much they are loved and cherished. You have probably figured out by now that I tend to write just like I talk and this blog won’t be any different. I am planning our next romance. Lily “Wisteria’s Promise of Hope” and Augie “Augustine of Bella Gold” our most dashing and debonaire heartbreaker should be wining and dining sometime January or February. Lily has had her Penn Hip Evaluation and her OFA Elbows testing done. Her hips were tighter than over 90% of the Golden Retrievers in the Penn Hip database. Her elbows also were also negative for elbow dysplasia. She is a gorgeous girl with beautiful movement and agility. I am very excited about her upcoming puppies. Will let you know when the impending romance is nearing. Our next litter will be called “The Promise Litter” in honor of their mother Lily.

I know that Augie, Bella, Lily, Cooper, Jasmine, Szava and Annie want to join us in wishing ALL of you a most Holy and Blessed Christmas Season. They are helping me decorate (you should see that picture) and also going thru and I MEAN going thru catalogues. They are all over the floor.

From our Willowcross Family to yours, Have a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year
Bob, Nancy, Alex and Nathan Ziegler

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