Szava’s impending arrival Friday, April 15th, 2011

What an emotional roller coaster it has been here at Willowcross since January. We first were informed of an opportunity to get a beautiful new golden from Hungary this past January. After making alot of inquiries and having alot of inquiries made about us, the purchase was finalized. We awaited anxiously her arrival. The first glitch presented itself in the form of an ice storm. Second glitch, a snowstorm, third glitch a 26″ snowstorm. These were substantial glitches because we needed to be able to drive seven hours to get her from Dallas. Her trip brings her from Budapest, to Frankfurt overnight and then non-stop to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Unbelievably, we had yet another glitch in that there was an attack on our military at the Frankfurt Airport. This brought extra security codes that had to be obtained. All of these glitches brought additional delays. Finally, we had no more snowstorms, no more ice storms, security codes obtained and then……she went into heat. What to do now? Well, we found a wonderful breeder, Judit Beke from Sunnyfield Kennels in Eger, Hungary. She has Ritzylin Hooray Henry, Dreamer. He is a beautiful boy that is about the same age as Augie (3 yrs). He has Mulit-Championships to his credit. I will be posting his Pedigree as soon as I write it all down. Szava, Blue Dancing Girl of Golden Duck, is a beautiful girl with a pedigree as long as your arm. Her father is Multi Champion Erinderry King of the Blues, Jack and his mother is Gunhills January Moonlight (Darby). Check them out on More later everyone, the next chapter is beginning now………

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