Szava’s final few days:

This morning Bob and I took Szava to our Vet for an x-ray. No, I’m not really crazy about x-rays but they do have a purpose. When we had her ultrasound done the Vet saw seven puppies. Today we find out that she (God Bless her) is carrying 9-10 puppies. The questioning of the nine or ten is because one skull looks as if it is behind another one. She is getting very big, but she is very healthy. Bob mentioned the other day that he doesn’t think that she’s uncomfortable at all. This said by someone that has never been pregnant. She’s just is so sweet that she’s not grouchy or snappy (unless you happen to be wearing a dark hat with a bill on it) She has this thing about dark hats and the guys that wear them.
We are at day 61 since her first romantic interlude with Augie, so, day 63 is the average time for whelping. We shall see. When you hear from me again it will be with big news and pictures on the puppy page.

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