For someone that thrives on being organized…. I have to admit…I am struggling….so bear with me a bit.

We are doing a repeat breeding of Annie (Babelsbergi Just Desserts) and Augie (Augustine of Bella Gold). Their babies from last summer were exquisite. This litter will be called “The Sugar and Spice Litter”. Puppies should be ready for their forever homes right around Christmastime. As many of you know, Christmastime is probably the least favorite time of mine for babies going to their forever homes. However, it is very difficult to argue with Mother Nature because she will always win. Our Forever Families will just have to be very careful about having their babies getting too excited and making sure they have plenty of quiet times after going to their new loving homes.

Also, we are doing another repeat breeding of Szava (Blue Dancing Girl of Golden Duck) and Augie (Augustine of Bella Gold), This litter will be named “The Classic Litter”. These babies will also be ready for their Forever Families right around Christmas. Szava is such a wonderful mama and Augie is such a laid back daddy. Their babies are always beautiful, easygoing and with exceptionally sweet dispositions.

My goal for the rest of this year is to catch up with everything….lofty goals, don’t you think?

God Bless everyone,
Nancy and Bob

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