Willowcross is excited to annouce that our very lovely Lily and our sweet and beautiful Szava will BOTH be having their puppies during the week of Oct. 22nd.

We are very, very excited that Lily “Wisteria’s Promise of Hope” and her beau Augie “Augustine of Bella Gold are due to have their puppies on or about Oct. 25th.  Also our handsome and debonaire Cooper “Dreamkeeper King of Hearts” and his sweetheart Szava “Blue Dancing Girl of Golden Duck” are expecting their puppies on or about Oct. 22nd.  These puppies are going to be absolutely beautiful.  Augie really puts his stamp on his puppies, he has a little cowlick and that most, if not all, of his boys have also inherited.  Cooper, well this is his first litter.  As gorgeous as he is, I can only imagine.  One thing I can imagine is that if they take after Cooper, they will be gorgeous and ACTIVE.

I’m not thrilled with the idea of having these puppies going to their forever homes the week before Christmas.  Christmas is always a busy and hectic time and these forever families are very aware of keeping their new little family member as unstressed as possible.  One thing I am never in control of is Mother Nature and when these girls will be coming into heat.  I know approximately, but there is always a little leeway you have to figure in.  Saying that, it just is that these puppies will be eight weeks old the week before Christmas.

I feel very blessed in already having seven forever families for these precious puppies.  I am now accepting applications for our other babies.  If you are interested please email me at the address on my website: https://www.willowcrossgoldens.com or nancyanneziegler@gmail.com.  

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