Our Time Is Drawing Near

How is it that time can fly by so quickly? These eight bundles of joy and exuberance have filled our lives the past six and a half weeks with: tears, joy, laughter, surprise, shock and awe. Each of these little ones have their own personalities and each one is adorable. All to soon they will be leaving for their “forever families” and the joy that comes from being “the only baby” for awhile. We cuddle alot and love doing it, however, they have to share the love. At their new families, it’s theirs and theirs alone.
When you are a breeder such as we are, you have very few and very select litters and each one grabs your heart and will never, ever let go. There is joy for us though, to be part of what fills people’s lives with these little bundles and allows us to see it. To know that these little bundles were created to be apart of a bigger blessing and we were allowed to be part of that blessing. Our prayers and our hearts will forever be attached to these babies.
Now, for the long final two weeks. God Bless everyone,

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