The past few months have been a huge challenge for us.   About the time I think I have my girls all figured out, they throw me a curve.  Lily and Szava threw me a huge curve.  It wasn’t such a huge curve for some of my friends who also are breeders.  It also wasn’t such a huge curve for my Vets.  Always, always since Szava and Lily have come into heat they have been every six months.  This time, it was nine months.  Three of the longest months of my life.  I tend to be maybe a little crazy when it comes to my kids and my fur kids.  I took them (Lily and Szava) to the Vet to have their progesterone done.  Everything was fine except they weren’t in heat.  Waiting has never been my forte’ and guess what, I had to wait.   Everytime one of my children or husband would ask me what I wanted for Christmas, my answer was always the same, “I just want my girls to come into heat”.  I have quite a few wonderful forever families that have been waiting patiently for babies and above all, I just don’t want to disappoint anyone.  The result was that two days before Christmas, Lily and Szava came into heat.  It didn’t stop there because the next day Merci’ came into heat also.   It just keeps getting better (pun intended) because on Christmas Day Annie finished the girls off by also coming into heat.  I really need to be more specific on my prayers.  I had been praying for my girls to come into heat except I was only thinking of Szava and Lily not all four of them.

Because the last time we bred Merci’ she didn’t take, we also decided to do something a little different with her.  I had her thyroid checked and it was perfectly normal.  We had her implanted with Cooper sperm….so our Vet thinks this time will be different.  We also bred Lily and Cooper and Szava with Augie.  The end of this month we will do an ultrasound and confirm pregnancies.  

Never did I ever think we would breed more than two girls at one time.  After the disappointment with Merci’ the last time I realize that it is possible that just because you breed you just never know who will take.  

All that I pray for are healthy mama’s and healthy babies.  

I wish for all of you this New Year and year filled with health, love and contentment.

Blessings to you,

Nancy & Bob 


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