Time is drawing near for our lovely Lily to have her babies. Almost before we have confirmation that our girls are pregnant you can tell. Goldens are always very loving, however when one of our girls are having babies they stick to me like glue. They do all the time but it is especially evident when they are pregnant. Poor Lily, she is looking like a blimp right now. She always has a svelte figure, but not now, she is big. Babies are due around August 5th. She is going to have a spa day today and get especially pampered.

We have a couple of spaces open for Forever Families. She and Augie have beautiful babies…..all the girls always have beautiful babies and are they ever smart. Yesterday Zoey figured out how to open the puppy yard gate to the big yard. I kept trying to figure out how she was getting into the big yard (sounds a bit like I’m speaking of a Prison yard, I’m not). I kept blaming Bob and then I caught her in the act…now we have thwarted her little plan, lol.

These babies won’t be ready for their forever homes until the first week of October. If interested contact Nancy via the website or telephone.

Ruff, ruff

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