This has already been a busy year and about to get a lot busier. All the girls came into heat the last week of May. That’s what it’s like around here, sort of like a college dorm. The boys moan, cry, bark and just want to romance those girls. This time we had Merci’ and Cooper having a nice candlelight dinner (no alcohol involved). The last time, which was the first time Merci’ was pregnant they had one very large baby boy who is now being very loved and living in San Diego. We shall see if she decides to have more than one baby this time. She is due July 30th or 31st. We decided to repeat The Promise Litter with Lily and Augie. The last time they had nine beautiful little babies. Augie wined (non alcoholic) and dined beautiful Lily. I do believe he played a little Barry White also. Their babies are due either August 4th or 5th,

We are looking forward to these little bundles of absolute joy. We have a few openings for forever families, very few. If you are interested please contact Nancy thru either email or phone which are listed on our website. These babies will be able to join their Forever Families around Merci’s Sept 24th and Lily Sept 30th.

We have a lot to do to get ready and I always get excited to start. We have so much to be thankful for.

Ruff, ruff,

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