Heartbreak at Willowcross

For many of you that know me and are part of our family, you know that I love sharing with you. For the most part, we have had wonderful stories and events to share with you. I am sorry to say that that is not the case now. I was notified on Monday morning that one of our little girls from “The Hope Litter” had contracted Parvo and five days later died. I feel as if I have let this little girl down. She went to a wonderful family and family that I believed would take every precaution and love her dearly. I know they did love her. Mistakenly they thought that because they lived in a very frigid part of the country that had at least two feet of snow and always below 20 degrees, that they could put off getting her booster. That was not the case. She did get her booster but way to late. The Vet. said that it was already in her system when she got the booster. He also told them that IF she would have had her booster when she was supposed to have had it, she more than likely would not have gotten it.

This little girl was Szava’s first baby born of “The Hope Litter”. I remember holding her, cleaning her up and putting her on Szava to nurse. She had loads of personality and was always wanting to be picked up first and then snuggled. She was a precious jewel who has left forever pawprints in our hearts.

If just one person, one single person sees this and realizes that no, no, no you cannot miss getting their boosters when they are due. Don’t put it off. It’s a simple thing to do. When you get a puppy, it is an investment of your heart, your time, your finances and most of all your life. If this isn’t something that you are willing to do, please do not contact me or any other breeder for one of their puppies. We invest our lives in what we do. We truly love these babies.

Today our hearts are a little empty and probably always will be. We will see you at Rainbow Bridge one day my sweet. Until then, run through those fields of flowers and keep an eye out for us one of those days.

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