Boy do I hope I get this right. This is my first blog on my updated website and everything is totally different.
I swore a few years back that I would never do three litters again at one time……never say never. This will be Szava’s last litter. She is such a sweet, wonderful mama and loves having babies. I had planned to breed her with Augie. You know what they say about the best laid plans. Annie and Szava peaked on the same day. Augie is a very capable boy but expecting him to take care of two girls on the same day is a little much. Annie, Cooper and Lewis have a grandfather “Asbury Angel Heart” in common so I will never breed them together. Instead I bred Annie x Augie and Szava to Lewis (Bonett Bride Last Resort). This will be Lewis’s first babies and I think he might be a bit proud. Lily peaked the day before so she was also bred to Augie. Come mid May we will be having the pitter patter of little fur babies.

Stay tuned. We still have a couple of opportunities for puppies for the qualified forever families.

Ruff, Ruff,

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