Do You Remember? Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun…….

This is going to be an extremely exciting Fall.  We are not only anticipating one litter, we are anticipating TWO litters.   Our first litter to arrive will probably be Cooper “Dreamkeeper King of Hearts” who wined and dined our lovely Szava “Blue Dancing Girl of Golden Duck”.  Their babies should be arriving around Oct. 22nd.  Our second litter will feature our handome Augie “Augustine of Bella Gold” and our beautiful Lily”Wisteria’s Promise of Hope”.  Their babies will be just a few days later around Oct. 25th.  

These babies are going to be absolutely amazing.  Augie has always put his stamp on his puppies.  This will be Lily’s first litter and she is gorgeous.   She has a very loving, very sweet temperament and she is absolutely gorgeous.  

Cooper, many of you have followed our debonaire and heartbreakingly good looking boy.  He is about 83 pounds of pure love.  He is our Canadian boy hailing from Dreamkeepers where my amazing friend Christina continues to raise unfailingly lovely puppies.  When Cooper was wining and dining our Szava, I just thought, “How can I be so blessed to have these lovely fur kids”.  We are honored that each of the wonderful breeders where we got our fur kids allowed us the honor of having them in our home.  Eva, Evidog in Slovokia, Bea, Babelsbergi in Hungary, Natasa, Golden Duck in Serbia and my good, good friend, Christina at Dreamkeepers in Canada.  

More love to come,


2 thoughts on “Do You Remember? Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun…….

  1. Ahhhhh the thought of Augie and Lilly pups makes my heart melt!!! your fur kids are definitely lucky to have you! And your right about Augie babies they look just like their daddy which means there exquisitely beautiful I can’t imagine life with out out perfect gumbeaux baby! We still can.NEVER thank you enough for allowing him in our loves! LOVE you and miss u bunches we need a visit this fall!

  2. Thank you so much Coti. Give Gumbeaux and big kiss for me. My fur kids, and I am not prejudiced, have the most wonderful temperaments. They are beautiful, that’s a given, but sweet……I guess I am in Golden Love. Say hello to Will and the kids. Hugs and soon to be puppy kisses, Nancy

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