Disappointments, Surprises and On To The Next Chapter:

The most difficult part of doing what I love would be knowing that I have disappointed families which I have deeply come to care for. To be told that Szava was pregnant and passing on that information to my forever families and ultimately finding out that we had been decieved was heartbreaking. I would like to think that after surviving this ordeal I have grown a little wiser and hopefully not more cynical. The ordeal that I am speaking of is getting Szava here from Hungary. We were blessed to be able to acquire “Blue Dancing Girl of Golden Duck”, our Szava in January. She is a beautiful, sweet, graceful girl. Getting her home was a nightmare. We have been working on getting her here since January. Twice it was on our part not being able to get her due to snow and ice storms. The rest of the times, well, the former owner would just disappear after telling us she was coming. We wouldn’t be able to contact him for weeks at a time. I would like to add that there are wonderful, amazing breeders in Hungary who are men and women of great integrity: Beata Grasselli, Judit Beke, Sandor Kozak to name a few. However, I was warned that although this was a wonderful girl “Szava” to watch out for this “owner”. He had been sick and maybe that affected his judgement, I can’t speak to that. We had many breeders throughout Europe helping us get her here. I think he finally figured out that there wasn’t a rock that he could hide under and that he had better send her. We had been told that she had come into heat and that he was having her bred to Dreamer “Ritzylin Hooray Henry”. We were told that there were four (artificial inseminations) the breeder told us he showed up for one. We paid more money for this breeding only to find out that Szava isn’t pregnant. What a disappointment. I believe that in the long run we will be very thankful that we were able to get her here and acclimated to her new home, wonderful nutrition and a stable home life before getting pregnant. She is just getting to the point where she doesn’t devour all of her food in nano seconds because she’s afraid someone else will get it or take it away. She is such a sweet girl that is thriving and basking in her new life. She has a a beautiful, thick coat and she loves to be brushed and bathed and petted. I don’t think she has ever had toys because she absolutely loves them and really doesn’t want to share them. That pretty much covers the disappointments.

Surprises, well “surprise” Szava was not pregnant. We had a progesterone test done Monday to see if she had even been in heat. That should narrow down the next heat cycle by a couple of months. Right now the verdict is not in on that angle as yet.
The Next Chapter, well, at some point in the next few months Szava will be coming into heat. She will be healthy, happy and contented and having beautiful puppies with Augie as the daddy

The Next Chapter, well, that would be getting Szava into the best health possible and awaiting her next heat. Bella should be coming into heat no later than October. What that means for Willowcross, God willing, is that we will be having two litters of puppies in late Fall. May God richly bless you dear friends and may God bless Willowcross.

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