Countdown begins: Puppies due in about 2 weeks:

Thank goodness the temperature has finally dropped into the 80’s. This morning it was in the 40’s and I have to say we loved every single minute of it. All of the boys and girls have been romping, playing ball, having their training times this AM. You would be surprised at how much they love their training and getting praised for it. Szava is being kept lying a little low. I don’t want her outside with the rest of them running, romping and trying to be the one that gets the ball first. She’s only about two weeks away from delivery. She has a little company right now because Jasmine, who just turned eight months old, is having her first heat cycle. They are having their own little separate fun in the side yard. Bob and I are starting to get the whelping box all set up and ready for it’s new little family. Augie keeps a close eye on Szava. Sometimes they just lie on the floor nose to nose. She didn’t do that before but I believe she is starting to nest a little. She’s going to be such a good little mommy. We have some new forever families that I am really excited about. We still have limited openings for a few more special families.
Hope everyone is ready for fall football season. In our neck of the woods it’s Razorbacks all the way..Woo Pig Sooie….

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