Christmas is coming

Bella had her ultrasound last Friday. They counted 6-7 and she couldn’t be sure there weren’t more. She is getting bigger by the day. We have anywhere from eighteen to 23 days left before our babies arrive. She is already groaning when she lays down. She looks beautiful. She seems to be craving banana’s. Augie is just right by her side. If she wants anything, there is an unspoken language that they have, he knows it and is quick to comply. We are getting her whelping box all ready for her and stocking up on whatever she might need while delivering. The way Bob and I are acting, you might think that these are our first litter. Right. We’ve waited and prayed for this. They are such amazing, beautiful and healthy representatives of their breed, their puppies are going to be amazing. Our goal is not to just have puppies, rather we want our puppies to have a purpose. We pray that God will send just the right families for our little family. We already have a couple and possibly more spoken for. If you might be interested in adopting one of our babies, please contact us at

Cooper and Lily have been spending their time gardening. Those two are amazing farmers. I don’t know exactly what they will plant, but they are for sure getting the ground ready. We love seeing our four legged family so happy. Tomorrow they are all getting baths and then, Christmas pictures. I don’t think it will be too difficult to get Cooper, almost four months, and Lily, almost six months to sit still for their picture, do you?
From our home to yours,
Merry Christmas

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