Bella and Augie’s puppies – Week 1

What a week this has been. Is there anything (other than your own children) cuter or sweeter than puppies or puppy breath? All the puppies have at least doubled their weight. Bella is such a wonderful mother. She loves her puppies and her puppies love her. It amazes me how after the first few times of nursing, they each have their own special spot. One of them, after nursing, loves to lay over her front paw. Another one likes to crawl over or under her back leg. Augie is quite the proud papa. He looks over into the whelping box and you just know that if he had a cigar, he’d be handing them out right now. He likes to bring them toys, although the ones that he brings are bigger and heavier than they are. (We gotta watch that).
We are so very thankful for such beautiful and healthy puppies. We were looking for exceptional puppies and thankfully, that is exactly what we have.

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