Bella and Augie’s Puppies-The Fabulous Five-Week 3

Week three. A week full of growth, teeth and lots of vocals. Bella continues to be a wonderful mother and Augie a father that is more loving towards his puppies every single day. The weeks seem to be flying by so quickly that it’s hard to believe that in only five more weeks many will be leaving for their forever homes. They all have such different yet amazing little personalities. Miss Ruby seems to be the “watchman” of the puppies. She’s the first to notice when she hears our voices and starts sounding the alert. They all run to the side of the whelping box to best the “first” to get cuddled.
Big sister Lily and little big brother Cooper are right there in the middle of them when they get a chance. They are all so social and loving it’s a miracle to watch. It’s really hard to get anything else done around here because there’s nothing we enjoy more than being right there with them and watch their little expressions as anything new is introduced to them. We have a well loved baby bunny that belonged to our third son Alex. When Alex moved out he left the bunny (Bugsley) behind. We put it in the whelping box and O’Malley in particular loves that bunny. It probably has lots of love smells which attracts them all.
We’ll close this week with saying, we prayed that these puppies would be exceptional and they so are. We still have one little girl left and believe me, she is going to be hard to let go.
One more announcement. We have had a rare opportunity to add to our Willowcross family. Szava, who has a wonderful pedigree will be coming to live and be apart of our family. She is from Budapest, Hungary and her pedigree is truly exceptional.
Until next week friends,

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