Augustine of Bella Gold & Wisteria’s Southern Bella puppies – Week 8

Last week was bittersweet, however it much, much more sweet than bitter. Ollie Polish Blueby went home to his new family. That name begs to be explained. His mom and dad wanted to name him Ollie, however their 5 year old son wanted to name him “Blueby” (a name he had made up) and their 3 year old precocious daughter wanted to name him “Polish” because she loves fingernail polish. To keep the peace, he is now called “Ollie Polish Blueby”. He is doing wonderful. We miss him, but know that that is where he was born to be. Jackson meant his new parents Sunday AM in Jackson, Tenn. It was a beautiful sight to behold. As soon as he was given to his new family, he just “became” in every sense, their boy. He loves his new best friend Spencer. Janice and Perry are also the family that Jackson was born to be a part of. It is truly an honor to have been a part of this process and I honestly love every minute of it. This weekend O’Malley and I will be flying to Portland, Oregon to meet his new and very loving family. I cannot wait to see Ryan’s face when he see’s O’Malley for the first time. It will be LOVE at first, second and third sight. Curt & Mary have become very dear friends and I’m looking forward to finally meeting face to face. The final trip will be Sunday AM for Ruby and I. A trip to Denver to meet her new mommy Carmen. They are perfect for one another. What a beautiful place to live for Ruby and (visit for us). Again, I knew, just knew that Carmen was supposed to be mommy for one of my girls. Ruby is adventurous and loves to explore. She’s curious (just like Bella). She has tried to crawl into the dryer a few times here to investigate exactly what was going on.
I have absolutely loved these puppies and their new families. It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of this process. These relationships will not end, because this is just the beginning.
Next week Szava will be arriving from Budapest, Hungary. We are very excited to be her new parents. The next great adventure for us should be sometime in June with another puppy litter. God Bless.

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