Augustine of Bella Gold & Wisteria’s Southern Bella puppies 12-31-2011-Going Home

What a wonderful, satisfying, fulfilling, emotional and blessed weekend. This week O’Malley went home to be with his wonderful new forever family. It was a homecoming fitting for a prince (which of course he is). O’Malley was so wonderful traveling. He had a long trip, we went from Kansas City to Denver, Denver to Portland, Oregon and then he drove several hours with his forever family to get home. Several of the flight attendants commented that they thought I must have given him something to relax (of course I did not). Not a peep out of him. It’s wonderful to see when it’s the perfect fit for puppies and families that the puppy just melds into their family right there. That is exactly what happened. Thank you Curt, Mary, Ryan, MoMo for allowing me into the fabric of your family. This is just the beginning,
Sunday, Miss Ruby and I flew to Denver to meet her forever mommy Carmen. It was love at first sight for both of them. Two beauties destined to be together, it was perfect. It will be difficult for Miss Ruby to adjust to living in Aspen in the gorgeous surroundings of her new home. To be doted upon and spoiled will be difficult for her to endure. However, being the trouper that she is, she will adapt. Seriously, what wonderful lives these puppies are all going to have with their forever families.
Jasmine, well Jasmine is already home. She’s been with her forever family since her birth, us. We intend to keep in touch with our forever families, forever friends…..forever. Now to get started on the next chapter for Willowcross, Szava’s impending arrival. Just waiting to know her flight number…then…next chapter.

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