Augustine of Bella Gold and Wisteria’s Southern Bella’s puppies-Week 5

These precious puppies are already five weeks old. Each has a distinct and adorable personality. They are getting more playful and mischievous as each day passes. It’s only a few weeks until they are with their “Forever Families”. I know that tears will be shed as they leave and as they arrive at their new homes. Willowcross is very careful about where our puppies are placed. Potential families fill out a “Puppy Adoption Form”. We also like to get to know our families personally. We can honestly say that our puppies new “Forever Families” will also be apart of our “Forever Family”. Jackson will have a new buddy named Spencer. He will get to live near the Atlantic Ocean in a beautiful area with a wonderful new mommy and daddy. O’Malley, his new “best friend” will be Ryan. O’Malley’s new family live in Oregon and he will have more love than he could imagine. Not to mention an ever growing basketful of toys awaiting him. Ollie, we know now his name will be living close by. He will have a couple of buddies, Max and Opie. He will also have two little children that will be loving on him every chance they get. Right now it seems that there is an argument about where he will be sleeping, in the Master Bedroom or his five year old buddy’s bedroom. I wonder who will win. Miss Ruby, name to be chosen will be going to her home near Aspen. How wonderful would that be? She will be hiking, swimming, shopping in Aspen or Vail (I could be jealous here). Her new mommy will be everything that she could want or need. Our last little girl, will stay with us. After telling you about all of the wonderful places her brothers and sister are going to live, she just might have the short end of the stick. But, my oh my, will she be loved. Until next week….

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