Augustine of Bella Gold and Wisteria’s Southern Bella puppies Week 6

Week Six, I just can’t believe it. Life with these puppies has literally flown by and we have been blessed with their presence. They had their first visit with the Vet. last Friday and they all weighed 11lbs plus. I know Bella and Augie both sense “something” as they are checking on them every chance they get. Puppies played outside in their first snow on Sunday and what fun they had. They didn’t quite know what was going on, but with the curiosity of all Goldens they were investigating every stray leaf they could pounce upon. They are pretty much potty trained as they scratch at the door to go out. Being the proud second mama, I think they are just geniuses, each and every one. I honestly don’t believe I could bear it if Miss Jasmine weren’t staying with us. It’s not as if we don’t have any other four legged family members around here to love on, still we are all glad she’s staying.
The Fabulous Families that these babies are going to are really amazing. I know they will be loved and cherished. I know that they will be allowed to fulfill the destiny that each one of God’s creatures has been created for. We have known for awhile the uniqueness of Augie and Bella. The puppies they have produced are nothing less than amazing. I’m going to end this now because I think I am starting to sound as if I am gushing.
Until next week.

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