Augustine of Bella Gold and Wisteria’s Southern Bella puppies impending arrival

I could be prejudiced, actually I am prejudiced. However, when I look at these two stellar examples of what Golden Retrievers are and should be, I am so proud. Augie, the son of Koriander v.d. Beerse Hoeve, who is still winning Championships in Europe and Bella whose lineage includes numerous champions in her pedigree from Norway, Sweden, Canada and Australia. She is the great granddaughter to the famous Blakesley Cromwell who holds an outstanding 59 titles and was winner of the prestigious Stenbury Trophy four years in a row. Bella and Augie have been raised together since they were about three months old. Not only do they have an amazing pedigree, the devotion that these two have for one another does not show up on a pedigree. The question: Do I know that these puppies are going to be spectacular and more than I had ever prayed for. Answer: Yes and yes.

Bella’s temperature is dropping a little every day. We expect these beautiful puppies anyday. We still have a few opportunities for adoption. If you would like to be considered as an adoptive home for these puppies please contact us thru out blog, our website or phone numbers listed on our website.

Merry Christmas everyone. We will let you know about puppies as soon as their impending arrival.

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