Augie & Szava’s puppies – First month

This has been an exciting first month for Augie & Szava’s puppies. They all have forever families with the exception of Angel. She had a rough start when her placenta separated before birth. Alex and I worked on her for quite awhile. Bob, my husband, also works with different Vets around the area and is a certified VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulator) that has quite a following with horses and various other animals here in NWA. He checked Angel out and found an abnormality in one of her cervicals. He worked on her and she has been just as wonderful as the rest of her sibs since. I want to have her totally checked out with her vet before I decide where her forever home will be. One of our babies will be in Falls Church, Va., one in Charleston, S.C., San Antonio, Tx., Shreveport, La., outside of Philadelphia, Pa., Ft. Smith, Ar. and last but not least Thailand. I had to think long and hard about that one. The family is wonderful, a missionary, Ben, his lovely wife Susan and their seven children. I always pray about where each of my puppies should be and what forever family they will be suited.

I am at the point where I start dreading the next month. Their forever families are wonderful and each deserve to have a family all their own. A little piece of my heart will be with each one of them…..forever. I know that because I still miss my first babies, O’Malley, Jackson, Ollie, Macy and my own Jasmine. Will keep everyone updated.
God Bless and many, many Golden wishes.

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  1. Well I have to tell you… Your babies may be leaving to go to their forever families but as I’m sure everyone else does we feel you will forever be a part of ours! We love you and big daddy and appreciate everything you guys do to make such wonderful additions to our families!!!
    Hugs and soon to be puppy kisses Coti

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