Augie & Bella’s puppies – Week 2

What a wonderful week this was. All the puppies opened their eyes and started walking around. I know their ears have opened because when one of them trills, they all join in. Bella is a wonderful mommy, however, the amazing thing is that Augie is just as wonderful of a father. He is in the nursery area with them every chance he gets. He sniffs them, licks them and is continually bringing them his favorite toys. We couldn’t be more pleased with how these puppies are turning out. They have surpassed every expectation we had for them so far. We knew they were going to be exceptional and we are not disappointed. I’m alternately excited for their forever families and dreading them leaving.
It’s so important to me to be comfortable with their forever families or honestly, I couldn’t let them leave. We are starting week three. I am excited to see what this next week will bring.
Until next week…….

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