Hello Everyone, 

I’m a girl that likes to have a plan and then follow the plan.  I have now learned that sometimes we just aren’t in charge of those plans.  Many of you know my father died a few weeks ago and that threw a rather large wrench in my Spring plans.  So now, we make new plans.

When Lily comes into heat again in July, she will be wined and dined by our own Augustine of Bella Gold, Augie.  I am expecting some beautiful puppies from this combination.  Lily’s AKC name is Wisteria’s Promise of Hope.  He has had her Penn Hip result of over 90th percentile.  She is a beautiful healthy girl with the tests results that back that up.

Szava will also come into heat sometime in July-August and she too will have another “date” with Augie. They had some beautiful babies this past September and will be having some beautiful babies again.

At the end of this year, our Cooper, Dreamkeeper King of Hearts, and our own Jasmine, Willowcross Golden Jewel of Jasmine, will be having their first litter.  This combination of Cooper, who is spectacular and Jasmine, who we unashamedly say, she is absolutely beautiful, has us very excited about our upcoming year.  

Yes, we had to make a “change” but since we know that God just said, “No puppies, not right now”, I have other people for you to care for, we are good with that.  My mother, who has just lost her husband of nearly 66 years and Bob’s mother, who is in very precarious heath, deserve and need our attention right now.  

Thank you my friends for understand and waiting with us.  We appreciate and love you all……

God Bless you,

Nancy & Bob

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