Hi Everybody,

I wanted to introduce myself to you all as I am going to be “Miss Ruby’s” mom. I am Carmen and I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Ruby will be living on property that backs up to a National Forest with a river across the road. I am sure she will be a delight to all the fly fishermen as they try to keep her away from their spot on the river. We are all connected now because of Nancy and her incredible puppies.( sorry, you too Bob)

She has done such a wonderful job raising the pups and keeping us informed about their progress. I can’t even begin to thank her enough for all she has done. Willowcross Goldens will become a legend in the breeders world. I feel that you are all apart of my family now. I hope we can all keep in touch regarding our puppies, their personalities and what kind of adults they turn out to be. I would love to see photos of Ruby’s brothers and sisters as they grow. And of course if any one wants to do a reunion in Colorado, I am game! I know Nancy wants to reserve a room at my house. Enjoy your puppies, and, I am sure you, as I, can hardly wait much longer.